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Fabrice Etienne

Le patriarche de la famille ! C’est son père Roger qui lui donna le goût du travail de la vigne. Une fois ses diplômes obtenus, il se lança seul dans la culture du raisin avant de travailler dur toute sa vie pour acquérir notre belle exploitation. À l’aube de la retraite, il ne compte pas s’arrêter là et reste très présent au sein de l’entreprise familiale !

Viviane Etienne

Mariée à Fabrice depuis 35 ans, ce n’est pas un hasard si c’est entre les rangs des vignes qu’elle le rencontra ! Viviane travailla toute sa vie à ses côtés sur l’exploitation. Sa contribution au
Her contribution to the commercial development of the Fabrice Etienne brand is immense and it was she who pushed her husband to start the champagne-making process.
Over the years, Viviane has built a loyal clientele, thanks to her warm welcome and her kindness

Cédric Etienne

Eldest of the siblings, Cédric fell into the work of the vineyard very small. He settled on the family estate at the age of 16, after studying at a wine school and obtaining his diplomas (BEPA, CCTAR). Nearly 20 years later, he is now the happy manager of the company.

Sandra Etienne

First daughter of the siblings, Sandra directed her studies to the paramedical and social environment and obtained her diploma as a pharmacy technician.
After only working in pharmacy, she wanted to regain the family spirit of the company and settled down in 2015 alongside her family. Today, she divides her time between the pharmacy and the family winery.

Elodie Etienne

Partner of Cédric for more than 13 years and mother of their three children, Elodie arrived on the farm in 2010 to help the family, involved as much in the work of the vineyard as in the commercial and accounting activities of the company.

Emilie Etienne

The youngest of the family, Emilie is our little 20-year-old woman. Learning hairdressing, she does not hesitate to invest in family activity by helping at the vine or at fairs and by dressing bottles.

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